Coaching for Life, Leadership & Business

What would you life, leadership and business look like if you were working with a Coach one-on-one?

What else would be possible?

Life is too short to live with regret. What are you holding yourself back from achieving? Would you like a confidential thinking partner and an accountability buddy who will keep you on track?

I work with mid-career professionals and small business entrepreneurs who are ready, willing, and able to make their life, leadership and business a whole lot more real and a whole lot more fun.

Work with Veronica

Ready to get your life under control and heading in the right direction?

If you want less stress so that you have the energy to make an impact and follow your dreams, then check out the programs below.

Or get in touch, so that together we can create an individual program that works for your life and business.


3-4 month package:

+ 90-min intro session

+ 5 fortnightly 60-min sessions

+ Monday mid-point check ins

+ strengths profile assessment and debrief

+ tools and templates

+ $2,797 (AUD inc GST)


6-9 month package

+ 90-min intro session

+ 12 fortnightly 60-min sessions

+ Monday mid-point check ins

+ strengths profile assessment and debrief

+ tools and templates

+ mid-session 15-min calls

+ $5,797 (AUD inc GST)


If  you're not ready to commit to a longer term coaching program, but you'd like some insight into understanding, appreciating and developing your strengths, then an Individual Strengths Profile Assessment and Debrief is an excellent place to begin.

By knowing more about your strengths, you can understand what really motivates you.

It's ideal for individual self-awareness and career direction.

We use the CAPP Strengths Profile tool and provide you with an Expert Profile which includes:

+ 7 realised and unrealised strengths

+ 4 learned behaviours

+ 3 weaknesses

+ Your 60 strengths revealed within the 4 Quadrant categories

+ Descriptions and development advice for each of the 60 strengths

+ Your 60 strengths revealed within the 5 Strengths Families

+ Optional Career Guide revealing up to 6 recommended sectors for your realised strengths and 2 potential sectors for your unrealised strengths

+ 60 minute individual debrief via phone from a qualified strengths practitioner. This will guide you towards greater insight into your strengths, and help you to identify personalised and practical strategies to optimise your strengths and live your own remarkable life.

+ $275 (AUD inc GST)


Ready to get your life in order?

If you are ready to begin, willing to try, and able to commit to a new remarkable life, then drop us a line so we can arrange a chat and see if we click. We'll work out which program suits you, your life, and your business right now.


If you’d rather work at your own pace, and in your own time, you can choose the 7 module My Remarkable Life online coaching program.

Like to know more about My Remarkable Life?

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