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Are you ready to explore your remarkable life?

Remarkable means worthy of attention—and your life is worthy of attention—your attention.

If you’re searching for a way to explore your dreams, get direction, and find the confidence to plan and take that next step towards what counts, then you are on the right page.

It's time to open a blank page, start journaling, and take control of re-writing your own story.

My Remarkable Life online coaching program is all about:

  • exploring what you think, feel, do and believe
  • rediscovering your dreams, values and priorities
  • realising your strengths and skills
  • taking the first steps to making those dreams a reality, and
  • consciously generating more presence, and more confidence, in every moment of your life.

All of this program has been created to help you consistently, and reliably show up as your most remarkable self, whenever and wherever you are.

My Remarkable Life online coaching program has what you need to:


There’s so much fabulous stuff waiting for you inside the program.

We’ll take it one step at a time so you learn, then build, then learn again.

Regular journaling will help you to be an active witness in your life, it will help you see where you are, where you want to go, and when you are headed in the right direction. It is you paying attention to you.

A personal journal is an ideal environment in which to ‘become’.
It is a perfect place for you to think, feel, discover, expand, remember, and dream.
~ Brad Wilcox ~


There are 7 modules for you to work (and journal) your way through. The program uses journaling as your guide to exploring, planning and reflecting on your life.

Module 1 - Conscious


Get Conscious. Who are you?

Wake up to a greater awareness of who you are now, your values and strengths.

What's important in your life?


Get Curious. Who do you want to be?

Imagine the possibilities of becoming the person you want to be, doing the things you want to do, and exploring what you have to do to get there.

Module 2 - Curious
Module 3 - Courageous


Find Courage.


Now is the time to take action, tiny or titanic, to be and do something different. To take courageous action towards making your dream, your new life a reality.

You are the author of your remarkable life.


You are Capable.

Realise you are capable of being whoever you need to be and doing whatever you need to do.

Celebrate your zone of genius, explore your idea of success, and your commitment to your new remarkable life.

Module 4 - Capable
Module 5 - Creative


Get Creative

Put your own creative gifts to work designing your dream.

Put your own unique stamp on your life, adding to your repertoire, being and doing YOUR way.


Get Connected.

Connect to all the parts of you that you’ve found by paying attention to yourself.

Connect to your values, strengths, stories and purpose.

Module 6 - Connected
Module 7 - Compassion


Practice Compassion and Self-compassion - you and the world need it.

Go out of your way to help the physical, intellectual, spiritual or emotional needs of another person – and start with yourself.


My Remarkable Life program uses journaling as your guide to exploring, planning and reflecting on your life. And don’t be worried if you have never journaled before—there’s an introductory module on journaling to help you get started.

A new module is released to you every 2 weeks, so you need to set aside some time each week to watch and listen to the resources, complete the exercises, and journal your reflections.

Each module begins with an introductory video to outline the module content.

Then you move through 4 steps:

  1. Exercises to complete
  2. Practices to try
  3. Journaling to help you reflect
  4. Extra Resources (More things to read, investigate, watch and listen to)

And each module has a recorded webinar which is your chance to go a little deeper as I draw together some of my favourite elements and practices.

Journaling for life

If you are ready, willing and able...

To see if this is the right program for you right now, click on the button and complete your LIFE CHECK IN.

Once your CHECK IN has been completed, you have three choices:

  1. Buy the Program and start changing your life.
  2. Book a 15 minute chat with Veronica to help you decide if this is the right program for you right now.
  3. Keep doing whatever you are already doing.

  • Rohit Thomas - InsightableRemarkable Life really helps you to refocus your mind and actions on what is really important in your life. The program gives you the tools and resources needed to change your actions and mindset so you can actually achieve your life goals, instead of just wishing you had.

    Rohit Thomas, Insightable (Digital Marketing Solutions)
  • Beth Freeman-GrayJust taking the time out to focus on where I am at, and allow time for growth, emotionally and spiritually. It has started me on a journey of putting myself first.

    Beth Freeman-Gray, BSN Medical
  • Jacqui LockFully commit to the program and make time for it each day, it’s worth it.

    Jacqui Lock, BSN Medical

What's your investment?

Before you commit to the Remarkable Life Online Coaching Program, I want you to take a moment to consider if this is for you.

This program is for people who are ready to get going, to change their life and commit to their remarkable future – whatever that looks like!

  • You’re someone who is looking for purpose, clarity, direction and the confidence to plan and take that next step, towards your dream, towards your goal, towards a more remarkable you.
  • You may be feeling stuck in a job or business that no longer feels right, in fact, it may be really boring now.
  • You can’t seem to find what anything to be really passionate about. Or you’ve started to try to make changes on your own and keep slipping off track.

So, are you open to new ideas, willing to try new practices and prepared to step out of your comfort zone and into your zone of genius?

Are you prepared to find at least 2 hours a week for 14 weeks to change your life?

Are you prepared to invest in your own personal development?

My Remarkable Life online coaching program is an investment of $349 AUD (GST is included if you're in Australia).

If your answer is a big fat ‘YES’, then continue with the application and I hope to see you soon.

If your answer is 'NO', not right now, or not ever, then thanks for dropping by.

Ready to find out more?

If you've read down to this point on the page, there is something here for you — so click on the application link.

Dive in, have fun, and enjoy the learning journey.

With my very best wishes for your Remarkable Life.



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